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3 Ways to Build a Firm Foundation for Your Finances!

finances purpose self-leadership Jan 11, 2022

It’s a new year and you may need a new foundation in your finances.

But it's not that easy to construct a new foundation because, for most of us, there’s some junk that needs to be cleaned out of the soil that we want to build upon.

It reminds me of my mission trip I went on to Haiti some years ago with my church in Tampa. This was not a mission trip I had been on before. The trips I was familiar with had a blend of local service projects and kid’s bible camps. For me, the Haitian mission was far different because we were to construct a church from the ground up! (Btw, me + construction seems like an accident waiting to happen).

You may be asking what does a Haitian mission trip have to do with a foundation for my finances? And I tell you, a ton!

A similar process must be undertaken if you wish to build a firm foundation for your finances. On that trip under the baking sun, we all worked hard to begin to erect the walls of the church. Basic scaffolding was built, the mortar was made from sifted sand on-site, the building blocks were raised, and so on.

But none of that could be done if the “not-so-sexy” work wasn’t done. Before us, another crew was there to set up shop. They were tasked to scrape the land. In other words, they were there for the boring job wiping the slate clean, clearing the deck, and prepare the job site so that a firm foundation could be laid. This primary work set the stage for the footers to be dug well guaranteeing a strong that you can count on. God only knows what they found buried underneath the topsoil.

Every mission team and its leaders had to be courageous to leave their home, work, and family to help strangers in a poor, barren, and oppressed land. I believe it took exceptional courage to be the first ones to prepare the land before the more visually rewarding work of raising walls.  

I implore you to have the courage to make a firm foundation for your finances and here's how you can do it.

3 Ways to Build a Firm Foundation for Your Finances

  1. Eradicate the stinkin’ thinkin’
    No more stinkin' thinkin' that says that you can’t make changes in your career, finances, or life. Get rid of the old voices in your head from your family or friends that criticize, blast, and ridicule you for your past or current financial status. I am not even saying you have a lack of money. Your challenge may be how you are using the money you have. Whatever the issue is that is causing you to avoid building the firm foundation, I am saying trash it. Scrape the brain and scrap the crap holding you back, my friend!

  2. Realize it's your choice
    For any of us, no matter the life obstacle, it always begins with a choice. The stinkin’ thinkin' part says you can’t do anything about it. But, since we are mounting up and moving on, you are coming to the realization that how you acquire, manage, and utilize your financial resources starts with you. That’s a good thing, so embrace it and change your position with choice. Be courageous and make those changes today!

  3. Get the support you need to live courageously
    This one seems so easy on paper, yet throws us a curveball when we actually try to communicate to others that we want to make a change. 

    If you are a man, you may be building pride walls all around you to protect yourself from “humiliation.” The word is in quotes because there are other men just like you that need what you have to share and vice versa. Help one another courageously.

    If you are a lady, you all tend to be more comparative in nature and that can keep you from opening up about your challenges, financially. No more, not for you. Serve each other courageously.

You can build a firm foundation!

Let me be the first to cheer you on! You can rip out the old and bring in the new.

Life is so much more vibrant when you have a strong foundation. Your purpose is waiting for you to fortify this part of your life. Money is not everything, no way, but it sure is a great tool to have as you know, live, and love your purpose!

Stay Living On-Purpose!

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