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Being Yourself Tip #5: Negativity Doesn’t Look Good on You!

purpose self-leadership Jun 28, 2022

Negativity doesn’t look good on you! You won’t get far with it. None of us do. 

If you are a negative person, this is not who you truly are. Remember, you didn't come out of your mother's womb being negative.

However, when you know, live, and love your purpose, negativity will fall away and you will become more positive.


  • Because you are living a life on and with purpose…the way you should.👏🏾
  • You are doing things that matter! 🏆
  • You are interacting with the right people for the right reasons. 🤝

For example, a hammer is terrific for pounding nails, but it’s a horrible screwdriver. Doing what you do best brings out…well, your best and it's positive! 😀

Negativity is something you learn. It’s time to unlearn it because...negativity doesn’t look good on you!

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