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Lead Others with Better Questions - Hal Mayer Interview (Pt 2)

Lead Others with Better Questions - Hal Mayer Interview (Pt 2)

career leadership self-leadership Jun 28, 2022

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This is Part Two of the Your Purpose Podcast, where I continue my interview Pastor and Coach, Hal Mayer about his recent book, Smart Ask?: Questions that Lead Yourself to Win!

I have known Pastor and Coach Hal for almost eight years and I have had my leadership awareness and influence increased as a result of his coaching over those years. 

We had fun and I had a fun time discussing practical leadership principles that can be utilized quickly without you needing to be a leadership guru. 

From the marketplace to ministry, and even with family, asking questions is an art. This podcast will help you start your mastery of powerful and helpful question-asking! 

Yes, you can master this skill set if you are willing to give it a shot. 

Have fun and take notes during Part One of my recent interview with Hal Mayer and get ready to discover how to lead others by asking better questions!


Smart Ask? By Hal Mayer (Now available at

Hal’s Website for Free Resources and Training

Other Resources Mentioned:

Podcast: Patrick Lencioni’s “The Working Genius”

Book: One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey by Ken Blanchard

Book: Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

Book: Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

Free Training: The Johari Window (in under 5 minutes) ➤ self-awareness / EQ


00:00 START
00:16 How I Know Hal Mayer
01:51 Your Purpose Podcast Introduction
02:31 Smart Ask - Hal's New Book!
31:39 Wrap Up - Part One

My Amazon Review of Hal's book, "Smart Ask":

"I appreciated Hal's book Smart Ask? as it helps me remember that the best leaders don't have all the answers but have the terrific questions to ask those they're leading. 

One of the golden nuggets I took away was the Coaching Formula (PV x BI = ROI) that shares, as a coach, I don’t own any part of the goal myself. The coaching client's buy-in is the X-factor.

The book is a small investment of time with a high return!"


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