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LinkedIn 2-Minute Hot Tip - How to be Generous with LinkedIn Recommendations

How to Be Generous with Others on LinkedIn

career linkedin Jun 10, 2022

Would you like to get more regularly noticed on LinkedIn?

(I was hoping you’d say, “Yes!”)

Did you know you can when you give more on LinkedIn…it’s true!

It made me think of my new favorite Dave Matthews Band song, “You Can Die Trying!”

The lyric, “ When you give, you get the world, but you may die trying!” made me think about how we can give of ourselves on LinkedIn. 

How can you give more? 

By providing someone you know, like, and trust, a recommendation that will help those in your network to be noticed by those "who need most" what "they do best." These blessings will boost the careers of those you know and it's pretty fun! 🤩

Remember, it's always better to give than receive! 👏🏾

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