Personal Finance

7 Ways in 7 Days to Change Your Financial Future Forever (Southeastern University)

Too many people struggle with their money management. One of the causes is a lack of understanding of how money works. That used to be me, but no longer. This video will provide an overview of my life-changing money course, "7 Ways in 7 Days to Change Your Financial Future Forever. Get ready to be equipped, educated, and encouraged!

Solve Your Money Stress Problems 

Money stress is not fun for anyone who experiences it or is around it. Yet, we don't have to stay stressed. We can live a more joyful and hopeful life. It may not be easy, but it is worth it. This video provides a more foundational look at what the root causes of this money stress are and how to eradicate them once and for all!

Do you need a DO-OVER or a DO-DIFFERENT financial game plan?

Check out this video where I show you 7 practical ways to start your money in a new way TODAY!

Career Development

Is Your Job Search An Obstacle or Opportunity?

According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of jobs that a person will hold in a lifetime is 12. So, for many, job searches will be going on every 3-5 years. So, if you are in a search now or are thinking about launching one, take a listen and get on the road to knowing, living, and loving the purpose for your career!

Unlock Your Career Purpose!

If you are tired of doing the dance with the status quo and you are ready to break free to do the things you are called to do, then this session is going to accelerate your next steps. Get access to the practical, emotional, and spiritual keys to you unlock the purpose for your career no matter where you start! 

Know, Live, Love the Purpose for Your Career & Finances!

The “Living On-Purpose with Brian Horvath” Facebook group!

The “Living On-Purpose with Brian Horvath” Facebook group exists as a trusted environment where members will be served by myself and other members helping them to KNOW, LIVE and LOVE their PURPOSE in life.

I hope that we can have candid, caring, and at times, humorous conversations. There is a time to laugh and a time to cry, that’s for sure!

I would love to have you join us. Click the button below to join our life-changing community!